Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I have always considered myself an artist because of the many creative things that I do. I usually expressed my most intimate thoughts on the canvas. I find it more therapeutic than any other libation of sorts.

Through the years I have compiled my creative undertakings and decided that it's time to share them to people and get exhibited. Of course, that in itself is an understatement. You don't just decide to do that and have galleries knocking at your doors wanting to show you off as the next big thing. Besides, everyone in this day and age consider themselves as an artist.

So, what the heck makes me special? I ask myself that everyday. Well, what makes me different is that I don't wait for something to happen. I make something happen. Having said that and having been rejected many times by many a gallery. I am under the assumption that I have been rejected not because of the merit of my work but because I am a nobody who does not have a formal training in fine arts. Or maybe, I'm kidding myself! When they ask who I know, what organization am I associated with and all the other B*S* questions they ask.... I go.... is the important?

I later on found out that the body of my work does not have a single note that identifies it. That it did not have one single theme. Therefore, it is asking too much from an audience... It is scattered like my thoughts...

I am jumping ahead of myself...

When I said... I don't wait --- I make something happen! I literally mean that. I opened my own gallery! And then I thought, "hey! Why not share it with other artists?." So, me and my husband decided to open a full time gallery and we are going to open it to other artists and we are going to have opening night receptions and it's going to be great! So we decided on a business plan and pushed it to reality!

It's been six months that we have been open. We have had 5 shows, 32 artists and it has been great. And it also has been an ongoing saga of survival.

Hence, this blog..... ahhh---- why can't life be simple?